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The least visited countries in the world


The least visited countries in the world

26. Dominika: 78.000 tourist

Dominika: 78.000 turist Why so little: Access to the island is quite difficult. Although it has two airports, the planes coming here are relatively small, so passengers can come across many transportation problems. Of course, if you have a private jet, it won’t be a problem for you. Why visit it? Exploring brand new things with natural parks, volcanic hills and the world’s second largest hot springs that you can visit is quite an interesting option. Rumor has it that there are so few tourists that this place has become an attraction for American celebrities.

25. Doğu Timor: 78.000 tourist

Doğu Timor: 78.000 turist
Why so little? There are probably those among us who do not know where this place is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Compared to the rest of the world, East Timor is an unknown place, so why visit? Diving is a great thing! In addition, you can stay in many luxury hotels and enjoy the unique view. Another, another? You get your visa when you land at the airport. Simple and comfortable. Also, do not forget to get on the minibuses when you go here. These minibuses going all over the country are the lifeblood of the country!

24. Orta Afrika Cumhuriyeti: 71.000 tourist

Orta Afrika Cumhuriyeti: 71.000 turist
Why so little: There is an ongoing civil war in the country, and many places are mixed. Rebellious groups can attack areas where people are concentrated, such as airports. For this reason, it is not a preferred country to visit. Why should it be visited? Pygmy communities are not things you can see everywhere. You can also visit the village of these communities and experience new experiences in touch with nature. Another, another? Speaking French is an advantage. In addition, it was not very welcome to take photos of people who seem crowded and angry, as the outgoing warns.

23. Saint Vincent ve Grenadinler: 71.000 tourist

Saint Vincent ve Grenadinler: 71.000 turist
Why so little: It is one of the longest names in the world and people cannot remember half the name of the country! In addition, it is one of the countries used as a colony in history. Why should it be visited? A country full of greenery and nature. Also, if you want to visit, you can hold your hand quickly because it is expected to build a new airport and a high number of tourists. Another, another? Vincy Mas festival in June and July is worth a visit. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself among the party people. In addition, some episodes of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” were shot here. So the island is actually a little famous :)

22. Cibuti: 63.000 tourist

Cibuti: 63.000 turist
Why so little? For example do you know where? Unfortunately, this is one of the unknown countries, so why visit? Diving in the country, visiting volcanic plateaus and exploring the mountains in the north of the country are activities that can make this visit meaningful. Another, another? The country is quite dry and incredibly hot. So if you have a plan to visit, be sure to take ultra-perfect sunscreens with you!

21. Lihtenştayn: 60.000 tourist

Lihtenştayn: 60.000 turist
Why so little? There are many more places to see and do in Austria and Switzerland with two neighbors. Night activities in Liechtenstein, which is quite small compared to other countries, are also very low. Why should we visit? The mountain views of the country are really great! After all, it is a country of the Alpine Mountains. Another, another? Liechtenstein is the world’s largest manufacturer of dentures. Pretty interesting information, right ???

20. Gine: 56.000 tourist

Gine: 56.000 turist
Why so little? The infrastructure problems of this lush green country are quite high. Therefore, this place is not an attraction. In addition, as you can imagine, Ebola outbreaks are not something the country is proud of. So why visit? Watching the sunset, especially the beaches, is a very different and wonderful experience. You can join the barbecue parties organized by the locals on the weekends and taste the delicious local beers. Another, another? Get ready to see a unique hospitality. So leave your shyness at home and socialize with people.

19. Tonga: 45.000 tourist

Tonga: 45.000 turist
Why so little: Tonga is one of the rare countries that is completely governed by monarchy. Since the capital of the country, Nuku’alofa and the airport Fua, it can be quite difficult to spell ‘amotu’, buying tickets can be a bit challenging. Why should I visit? People are very friendly and helpful towards tourists. You can also participate in barbecue parties here, you can establish a close relationship with people.

18. Sierra Leone: 44.000 tourist

Sierra Leone: 44.000 turist
Why so little: It is very difficult to reach the country only because it is by boat. So why visit? First of all, the weather is great in this country! Neither hot enough to melt you, nor cold enough to disgrace your holiday. It has a wonderful mountain and sea view that is hard to find, as well as another, another? English spoken in the country. Therefore, if you have less than half English, you are not likely to get along with people! Let’s say this as a note. Ebola epidemic has also hit this country.

17. Mikronezya Federal Devletleri: 35.000 tourist

Mikronezya Federal Devletleri: 35.000 turist
Why so little: The country is very much confused with its sub-region Micronesia. So why visit? This country is a gold mine for diving and surfing. Another, another? The country is very small in terms of the number of tourists, but since the population of the country finds 100,000 difficult, this is quite normal. In addition, they went here and beat those who did not taste seafood!

16. Moritanya: 35.000 tourist

Moritanya: 35.000 turist
Why so little: 75% of the country is desert. So when you go, you are more likely to deal with sand than people. Why visit? This is a paradise for photographers. If you still don’t believe it, I suggest you check out this blog. Another, another? Credit card strangely in the country. So if you put your mind to go, you need to be prepared.

15. Solomon Adaları: 24.400 tourist

Solomon Adaları: 24.400 turist
Why is it so low? Its popularity is very low compared to its neighbors Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Australia. So why should we visit? It is a bit unfair if the country is so popular. There are many lagoons where you can dive with unique beaches, waterfalls, rain forests and volcanoes you can visit in the country. So it’s a holiday paradise. In addition, you can buy fresh fish from local markets and have a nice feast. Another, another? The country consists of 900 islands and hosts more than 230 tropical flowers. However, malaria in the country is a major threat to tourists.

14. Liberya: 24.000 tourist

Liberya: 24.000 turist
Why so little? The name of the country is unfortunately not known for its natural beauty, but for civil wars and the Ebola epidemic. Despite this, as a promising development, the country is currently a presidential name, Ellen Johnson, a woman named Sirleaf. Why should she be visited? It is also worth listening to a type of music called hip co made in hip hop and Liberian English.

13. Komorlar: 21.000 tourist

Komorlar: 21.000 turist
Why so few? Only 800,000 people live on this island, and these people have seen 20 coups of government coups or attempts since 1975! So why visit? There are also colorful markets in the world. Another, another? This African country is the world’s largest ylang-ylang producer. If you ask what is ylang-ylang; A kind of oil used in making perfumes.

12. Afganistan: 13.300 tourist

Afganistan: 13.300 turist
Why so little: It is a fact that regular bombings, terrorist attacks and hosting the Taliban have considerably reduced the number of tourists. Since there is no such thing as war tourism, it is inevitable for Afghanistan to be in this situation. Why should it be visited? Deserted mountains, wonderful landscapes and incredible history offer many opportunities to visitors. Other, another? just make sure it is. Otherwise, a long and tiring process is waiting for you.

11. São Tomé ve Príncipe: 10.000 tourist

São Tomé ve Príncipe: 10.000 turist
Why so little? Transportation is really, really difficult. Why should we visit? Enjoying the impressive Portuguese architecture, colorful neighborhoods, unique fishing and whales! Did we say that the country is very hospitable? Another, another? The country was once one of the biggest cocoa suppliers. Make sure that you have completed your visa procedures before you go, or it will be very upset to return to this country, which you have hardly reached, even before you go!

10. Türkmenistan: 8.697 tourist

Türkmenistan: 8.697 turist
Why are they so few? We can say that Turkmenistan is playing in the same league even if it is not as “angry” as North Korea. You will need a tourist guide when you go. Why should you visit? “Door to Hell” is a place you should definitely see when you go. It is a place where you can easily see because there are not many tourists. So grab your tent, food and drink and go see this beauty. Otherwise, citizens in the country can get free electricity, water and gas. In addition, Saparmurat Nijazov got the name “Turkmenbashi” and there are many places with this name in the country.

9. Gine-Bissau: 7.500 turist

Gine-Bissau: 7.500 turist
Neden bu kadar az?Altyapı oldukça kötü ve çok az havayolu şirketi buraya sefer düzenliyor.Peki neden ziyaret edilmeli?Başkentin dışındaki adalar oldukça güzel. Oradan çıkan istiridyeler ise adeta ilahi! Sadece modern yaşam ile ilgili çok fazla bir beklentiniz olmasın yeter.Başka, başka?Eski Portekiz mimarisini ve mutfaklarını sakın kaçırmayın!

8. Libya: 6.250 tourist

Libya: 6.250 turist
Why so little? Gaddafi may have gone, but his legacy still remains to some extent. Many bombings and attacks continue, so why visit? Many beautiful places to see. Another, another? The government is working hard to increase the number of tourists. So there is still hope!

7. Kiribati: 6.000 tourist

Kiribati: 6.000 turist
Why so few: The number of people who hear the name of this country is very few. There are many ways to go to Kiribati (read as Kiribass. Explanation below). You can come here by plane that leaves every two weeks from Nauru or Marshall Islands. Another, another? The letter ” s ” does not exist in the Kiribati alphabet, but exists in sound. So you are typing “ti” or “tu” for “s”. That’s why the country is read in the form of Kiribass. If a letter other than ” i ” and ” u ” comes after ” t ”, ” t ” is read normally. It’s simple, isn’t it?

6. Ekvator Ginesi: 5.700 tourist

Ekvator Ginesi: 5.700 turist
Why so little: This is the worst country you can get a visa on the list! If you are an American citizen, you can easily enter and leave, but if you are not, come and discussions and fights! So why visit? Equatorial Guinea is a place you should definitely see, even if it is difficult to enter and exit the country. Since the tourism infrastructure is not very good, it will be a trip for both holiday and adventure! Do not try to take another photo, otherwise, you will sleep in a cell at night or try to bribe the police officer. The country is run by a dictator named Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – although he calls himself a president! –

5. Güney Sudan: 5.500 tourist

Güney Sudan: 5.500 turist
Why so little: There is a civil war in the country and it is not very reasonable to be there as a tourist. So why visit? Even though there is a civil war, people are as warm as possible. Another, another? Photography is prohibited in the country! So when you go out, you need to hide your phone well or take a very, very confidential photo!

4. Marshall Adaları: 4.600 tourist

Marshall Adaları: 4.600 turist
Why so little? Because this country also falls under the category of unknown islands. Let’s sum up for those who don’t know, the islands are in the Pacific ocean. At least now you have a little idea:) Why should we visit? More than 1,000 fish species and 250 types of coral are surrounded by these islands. So you can have breakfast with fish in the morning and sleep by looking at the corals in the evening. Another, another? Between 1946 and 1958, America made many nuclear bombs attempts here.

3. Tuvalu: 1.200 tourist

Tuvalu: 1.200 turist
Why so few: Propeller aircraft from Fiji airline come here twice a week, and that’s the only way to get there fast. So why visit? This country is a unique country! Unlike many countries, they are very warm and welcome people. Also, as the outsiders will realize, unlike the “real world”, this is a very authentic place.

2. Somali: 400 tourist

Somali: 400 turist
Why so little? War, insufficiency of government, sharia rules … So, unfortunately Somalia is not famous for its tourism! So why visit? Mogadishu is now in a safer position compared to other places and many businesses are reopened. Another, another? Terrorist groups are doing everything to take over the country. The government has made progress recently and many airlines have added Mogadishu to their lists.

1. Nauru: 160 tourist

Nauru: 160 turist
Why so little: When was the last time you saw a holiday guide with Nauru? The country is tiny and 10,000 people live on 21 square kilometers. So why to visit? Because it is the least visited country in the world. You can go here and throw air (?) To your friends in the form of “I went to the least visited country in the world”! Another, another? There are only 2 hotels in the country. Moreover, the country does not even have a capital!

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