Street Art
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Street Art

What is Street Art?

Covers all activities related to the arts performed on the street, whose boundaries can only be determined by the limits of creativity.Street art, which can also be described as art activities performed in public spaces, also includes a critical perspective and humor.While street artists offer all forms from music to painting, theater to handicrafts, to all people free of charge, they also deal with the world’s beauties as well as problems.

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The Visible and Invisible Face

Street art is produced in public spaces outside traditional art spaces.A great majority of the artists who criticize the workings, policies and social rules in the world prefer to remain anonymous.
The most important feature of street art is that it eliminates third parties and institutions between the artist and the audience. The artist communicates directly with the audience. This gives the artist a chance to express himself freely, without any limitations.
Today, it has emerged as a revolt against traditional art and industrial art, even though it has started to find its place in galleries from time to time.
Even though street art gradually started to be included in mainstream art and performed by some artists with commercial anxiety, it increased the awareness of  art, but it caused damage in terms of content.
Many of the street performers act as activists to be the voice of individuals and societies who are under pressure and suffer injustice.

Materials Used in Street Art

There is no limit to the materials used and used by artists, just as street art cannot be restricted to certain branches of art or activities.

Everything can be the material of the artist, from spray paints to candles, sculptures to ropes and various objects that we encounter in daily life.

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History of Street Art

First of all, visible through pictures and writings (graffiti) on trains and walls, was made by street gangs in the 1920s.Although its existence dates back much earlier, it began to attract attention for the first time in the 1980s.Born as a means of revolt against political functioning, wars and oppression, street art is also a subcultural element.

It has gained respect in time and has become an increasingly diverse form of artistic expression.Street art, which has been seen as creating through decades of illegal activity and subversion, is now in the contemporary art world as an expression of interdisciplinary art.


Types of Street Art

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Leading Names

  • René Moncada, known all over the world  and of course, ‘I AM THE BEST ARTIST’ by Moncada,
  • John Fekner, the critical and rebellious face of the streets,
  • Lee Quinones,
  • A bronze statue by Arturo Di Modica and 1989, called Charging Bull,
  • Famous for his painting series in 1999, Blu
  • Lady Pink,
  • Vhils,
  • Above,
  • Jaques Rosas,
  • Banksy, the name everyone knows like his name,
  • spy,
  • Roe,
  • Shepard Fairey and Obey stickers and posters,
  • Fre. Biancoshock,
  • Peter Gibson,
  • oakoak,
  • Lonac
  • Of course, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Richard Hambelton should not be forgotten.


Street art offers artists the opportunity to express themselves freely, apart from all the rules.

It allows everyone to access art in equal conditions and for free.

It enables production and sharing without being limited, outside the mainstream.

It allows artists to reach the greatest number of people. This helps them make their voices heard to a wider audience.

Works of art continue to live and change at any moment, they are enriched with new meanings.