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Portrait painter Sandra Pelser

Portrait painter Sandra Pelser ;

Perhaps you know, the artist I came across by chance, has hundreds of works on a single portrait. Her facial expressions, postures and angles are the same.

The painters he inspired are Modigliani, Picasso, Pieter van der Westhuizen.

It looks like portraits made of wooden plates placed on mummies in Egypt during the Roman period.

She has gained completely different meanings in her personal lines. When you look at the portraits of the artist, it is obvious that she leaves an emotional depth feeling with hes pastel colors.

You can see Sandra Pelser works in linen printing, canvas printing, gift cards, wooden blocks and necklaces, as far as I can see, she applies her portrait works as prints or paintings.

Various works;


You can buy and review Portrait painter Sandra Pelser works on her site. www.sandrapelserart.co.za/