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Pictures from the Temporary World (ukiyo-e)

Pictures from the Temporary World (ukiyo-e)

Emerging in the Genroku Age (1688-1703), which is known as the golden age of culture and city life in Japan, Ukiyo-e (Pictures from the Temporary World) is an art discovered and developed by the Japanese.

Most of the well-known painters have taken this trend as an example and transferred it to their works.

courtesan after eisen
courtesan after eisen

For example, Van Gogh’s “Portrait of Père Tanguy” and “Courtesan: after Eisen” paintings were influenced by the Japanese movement.

The story of Van Gogh’s Courtesan after Eisen painting;

Japanese artist Kesai adds to Eisen’s work and is published in a special edition of the Paris Illustré magazine.

He copied and enlarged Kesai’s work by wearing the Japanese figure in a colorful kimono and placing a bright yellow tone in the background.

The watery landscape with bamboo canes, water lilies, frogs, cranes and a small boat in the distance are motifs that Van Gogh borrowed from other Japanese prints.

The choice of animals was absolutely not accidental:

in France in the 19th century, prostitutes were often tried by grues (cranes) or grenouilles (frogs); reference is made to the “profession” of the woman.

Perhaps Van Gogh added to the sustainability of this Japanese movement, or used the movement as a stepping stone for the popularity of his own work.

Pictures from the Temporary World (Ukiyo-e) ,

It takes its name from the word “ukiyo”, which emphasizes the transience of the world in Buddhism.

However, with the Genroku Age, the golden age of Japan, it acquires a new identity by reflecting the hedonist world view and joy of life.

Today, hundreds of years of wood prints and drawings are influenced by the art and entertainment life of our period, and come with a modern look that reflects everyday life.

Japanese video artist and animator Segawa Atsuki has made them act as a gif by putting on many favorite wood prints and paintings in Katsushika Hokusai’s “36 Mount Fuji Landscape” series.

It included high-speed trains, UFOs and beam swords in the new generation “Ukiyo-e”.

the temporary world

ukiyo 4 compressor

ukiyo 6


ukiyo 10 compressor

ukiyo 12

The most well-known is the legendary “Kanagawa indoor Great Wave -The Great Wave off Kanagawa”.

The drawing of the wave is overwhelming ocean droplets completely surrounding Japan; Claw-like splash effect with sudden anger to the sky with deep blue on the inner side of the curve.

The logo of the famous “Quiksilver”  company was inspired .

ukiyo 2

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