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Interior designs inspired by Zen

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Interior designs inspired by Zen ;

Although Zen-inspired interior designs are not decoration styles, it creates an interior environment on avoiding the stresses of life and relaxation.

When we think of the Japanese Zen interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the tea room decorated with tatami and straw, a kind of traditional flooring material made of straw and fabric.

Beyond the first tea room that comes to mind; It is possible to bring the principles and philosophy of Zen into your home with calm and neutral colors, minimalist – simple furniture and decorations.

Think of the colors of nature – the pale blue of the sky, the grays of rocks and the golden color of a sandy beach. These shades are the colors of interior designs inspired by Zen. Pale pinks and soft whites complement the colors of nature.

Natural products such as wood and stone;

These materials create a different texture and warmth environment in your home. Bamboo is a great tool in terms of vitality. Bamboo generations, separators, slats or furniture.

A green touch is always the finishing touch in the interior.

A bonsai tree or lush plants with large leaves to calm down, a stunning orchid is indispensable. The plants help to calm down and create more oxygen around them. Even a small plant can help add some peace to a room.

Good storage is essential with a minimalist interior. Consider wooden cabinets, blanket boxes and wooden crates. The difficulties of minimalism also begin at this point.

Interior designs inspired by Zen

Since the use of paper walls is common in contemporary architecture, volumetric objects (ran-ma) were preferred in the walls.

Lighting, which is inspired by Zen, is also important in terms of integrity. Different light types, a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere can be created in the room with the spirit of Zen philosophy. Modern ceiling lights under “Shoji” are made of paper with a mixture of cellulose and polyester, providing regional lighting.

Table lamps made of bamboo can be preferred to create diffused illumination. When the right textures and colors come together and add functionality to the furniture you use, interiors inspired by Zen can be places of relaxation and tranquility.

Along with the sense of peace and need for rest, the traditional Japanese style will be popular for many years.


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