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Interior architecture and philosophy

10Interior architecture and philosophy

The relationship between philosophy and interior architecture can be searched and revealed through thinking, language and meaning. Some answers to life can be reached from these intersecting points.

While philosophy is a field in which thoughts and questions about life concepts are expressed in language, interior architecture is the area where the abstract elements designed turn into concrete reality through stages.

We think about what we see as concepts or problems, we use a number of tools to express them, and we try to find meaning.

It is the concepts of life in both philosophy and interior architecture, which urges us to think about something.

While performing the design action in interior architecture, we ask ourselves some things and we go over what we are concerned about.

Those who are concerned can be abstract or concrete concepts, but at the very beginning, these are usually abstract concepts. Before reaching a concrete judgment and intervening, it is necessary to consider the concepts that are problematic.

Philosophy is related to issues such as being, knowledge, truth, justice, beauty, truthfulness, reason and language. Thoughts are developed on them. At this point, we can reconcile interior architecture and philosophy. Because, as in philosophy in interior architecture, the main thing is the person in the center.

Actually, it is the two branches that human beings are intertwined throughout their entire life. Architecture should also consider the questions that philosophy seeks answers, the issues it thinks on, during design. Because interior architecture and space reflect the society as it is.

All our environment is surrounded by products, whether we want it or not, this built environment surrounds us all around, and even though we are not aware of it, the built environment causes positive or negative effects on people physically and spiritually.

Therefore, it is unthinkable that the philosophy, which aims to beautify, facilitate, make sense, and glorify human life, does not relate to the interior architecture.

As Heidegger points out, we try to think thanks to the issues that make the person think and call for thinking.

In other words, as mentioned before, the act of thinking and finding solutions is carried out due to some existing problems, situations or questions.

This is true for philosophy as well as for interior architecture.

If there is no effort to find better, better or more beautiful, it will not be possible to mobilize people unless it is based on improving human life.

Meaning, seeking a meaning, trying to reach a result, a solution, meaning a meaning by using some tools based on concepts or questions.

Meaning is somehow perception. What something tells us after passing through our perception filter.

The issues that philosophy focuses on are the perception of meaning in this way.

There is also perception in interior architecture.Small plays, touches, additions, changes, light, sound, and smell in a place create different perceptions in the users of that space.

Since everyone perceives differently, it varies from person to person in the sense expressed by the space.

In addition, experiences and experiences in the space become a meaning.

Therefore, we try to add meaning to the space with the touches made during the design , this meaning gains meaning again by the users.

When these articles written on philosophy, thinking, language and meaning are read;

It can be interpreted that there are connections between interior architecture and philosophy, interior architecture and architecture should also have a philosophy, that he should worry about some things and ask questions and go through them using various tools.

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