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how to make a wooden doll house ?

how to make a wooden doll house ?

First of all, it is necessary to know why it is important for children. It improves imagination development, organizational ability. It provides hand and eye coordination, strengthens perception and comprehension. Accelerates concentration and intelligence development. Ideal for a fun and efficient game.

Wooden doll houses should be scaled and scale toys are selected in accordance with the scale of the house. Wooden houses are usually built on a scale of 1/6 1/12 or 1/24.

A 1/24 scale corresponds to a miniature scale. A 1:24 scale means that 1 cm in your model will actually correspond to 24 cm. So the real size is shrunk by 24. On a 1/12 scale, the actual size is only reduced by about 12.

1/12 scale is the ideal rate, and Plan Toys and Sylvanian make their dolls, furniture and some animals roughly on a scale of 1:12. It is the most common doll house scale of 1/12 scale.

Other toys have the same ratio. Barbie toys and ready-made barbie houses are produced by 1/6. Playmobile toys are by 1/24. Lego toys are 1/48.

When designing the house, rather than the construction of the house, the size of the existing toys and the size of the house according to these toys are important. Everything you have done is done, when you put the toys, the house is a small toy or vice versa, the house is a big toy. If the house is 1/12, toys should be 1/12.

how to make a wooden doll house ?
how to make a wooden doll house ?
how to make a wooden doll house ?

Before you start your project, it will be very easy for you to prepare the width-length-width dimensions, the carrier parts, how to assemble the parts and the dimensions of the parts.

It is one of the most natural materials due to its wood structure. This material is almost unlikely to harm children. They do not have pointed edges, are not easily broken, and when wooden toys are made, they are subjected to special processes so that they do not sink into the hands of children. In addition, wooden toys are colored and made more interesting.

Wood types to choose;

Beech, birch, poplar, linden, maple tree ..

Since it is easy to process, trees are used in massive furniture, paneling, sports equipment, toys, coils, tool handles, turning, musical instruments, plywood, parquet, veneer, barrel industry and traverse production if impregnated.

The outer and intermediate walls should be 9 mm birch plywood, beech or MDF board, cutting and assembly will give you an advantage.

For 4-sided carrier struts, a lath is required according to the wooden material, balsa laths in standard sizes are available in the market.

After completing the house, the painting and decoration stages are all your imagination.

What you can do: floor coverings, wallpapers, facade coverings, plexi materials you can use for glass, fabric coverings, furniture, lighting, garden, road, park etc.

The best part is to observe the happiness that the child will play after completing the house …..

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