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FREE Graphic Design Resources

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Web, Graphic and Product Design

I have compiled Free templates, vectors, stock photography, icon and illustration sites with different designs that you can use in your projects.

You can easily find the images or works required for your project.

1Stock photos

landing stock
landing stock PHOTOS

1. Pexels

I think it is one of the best. It is a community of generous photographers who make their work free for everyone to download and use.

2. StockSnap

Known for offering high-quality free stock images, StockSnap has different categories to browse, so you never try to find what you need. No credit required, with quality images.

3. Landing Stock

It is a niche site that provides free stock photos suitable for the landing page of your website. It contains only high-quality, clean and minimalist photos. It contains reference studies from Pixel and freepik sites, it is an evaluable site.

4. Nappy

It features high-resolution photos of free ” black and brown people ”, relatively new to other free stock photo sites, let alone a corner.

5. Photo Creator

It allows you to combine different stock photos. You determine the model, background and object yourself. Very fast and easy to use. Combine objects with drag and drop logic, people, backgrounds and even your own images.



beeps wiev

6. Drawkit

DrawKit features beautiful, customizable Illustrations for use on your next website, app, or project.

7. Humaaans

There are modular, vector drawings of people that you can mix, match, rotate, and position to create your own designs.

8. UnDraw

There is a site.png and svg files where you can find open source illustrations. You can find works with different tags.

9. Open Peeps

If you need something hand-drawn, it’s a one-to-one source site. Open source flat SVG and PNG assets can be used in Sketch, Figma, Studio and XD.

10. Lukasz Adam Free Illustrations

Website that offers high resolution vectors and icons for free. It can be used for personal and commercial projects.



11. Noun Project

It is a site with more than 2 million icons that you can use for free. There is something you will surely find.

12. Ionicons

There are premium icons used by designers on the web, iOS, Android and desktop apps, all free and open source.

13. Simple Icons

it provides free vectorel SVG icons to be downloaded free of charge from popular brands.

14. Icons

A site with hand drawings, clipart icons, can stand on one side.

15. Animaticons

There are high resolution animated GIF sets that you can customize. The file sizes are small, compatible with all major browsers, emails and smartphones and do not require any special attachments or libraries.


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