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Dota 2

Dota 2 nasıl oynanır

Dota 2 

The game I’ve played since 2014. Total hours is 1630 hours. A game that I enjoy.

Let’s come to the logics;

“Radiant” and “Dire”. The Radiant region, located in the southwestern part of the map, is full of greenery and life, as if representing goodness. Dire, located to the northwest of the map, on the other hand, represents a hell in the appearance of a ghost forest, unlike Radiant. Since we introduce the parties, we can proceed to the goal of the game. In a normal Dota 2 game, there are 5 players on each side. These five players try to dominate the five players of the other side, and as a result, the game ends with the destruction of one of both teams’ tightly protected Ancient‘s, and the team that destroys the Ancient of the Other side wins the game.

First of all, the strength, agility and intelligence levels of the characters you will choose in Dota 2 should be in the foreground, besides, the items you will get over time will be a plus for your features.

Heroes are positioned as balls, mid and boots, and the countdown begins for the game. There are three corridors in the game. The heroes are scattered in these corridors and, if necessary, in the forest according to their roles. After the countdown is over, the game starts with the first wave of creep. As you destroy the creeps with the last hit, you gain new items by earning gold. Trying to get stronger by killing creeps.

An example of Dota2 map. | Download Scientific Diagram

There are also towers on the map. There are 11 towers in total. 6 of these towers are located in the corridors, 3 at the entrance of the base (the area where our own buildings are located around the Ancient) and 2 next to the Ancient. The values ​​of the towers increase as they approach Ancient. In other words, the attack and defense values ​​of the tower at the end of the corridor and the tower protecting Ancient are different from each other.

Another issue we should mention about the towers is that they cannot be destroyed before the previous tower is destroyed. In other words, you cannot damage the next tower until the tower at the far end of the corridor collapses. We need to demolish the towers in order. Also, towers have backdoor protection. For these reasons, you cannot easily damage the tower without creeps. The first target is the structure that will save you the game after the towers are destroyed.

You may get bored when you first play, but it will connect you more as you play.

In my other articles, I will talk about heroes and their features.


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