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About Polymer Clay

polymer clay

It is a material that you can easily use at home, give it the shape you want without smelling, and can harden it by cooking in your home oven.

In your spare time, it is a hobby material that you can do with your imagination, using your imagination.

Although it is not very popular in our country, a few people are doing great work with this material and they have been my reference.

I wanted to prepare a guide for those who are curious.

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Various brands have products of different brands, and the usage areas of these brands are different skills.

The first time you pick it up, it is very hard, you need to cut it down and soften it before using it.

You can easily do this using different methods. The simplest method is to cut it into small pieces and soften it by kneading and rubbing it in your hand.

If you have a pasta machine, you can easily soften it using it.

To do this, divide the dough into pieces, press it with your hands to make it thinner and pass it through the widest part of the machine several times.

In this way, you can soften the dough without getting tired and bring it into a form that can be shaped.

Regardless of the shape you give after softening the dough, roll it into a ball by rolling it in your hand. You can give the dough, which has become a ball, more easily.

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After softening the dough, you can shape it with your hand tools as you wish.I use this set I bought from Amazon.

Another feature of the clay is that when it comes into contact with air, it does not dry out and hardens.

For this reason, making your work by cutting as many pieces as you use will make it easier to use.

If you want to quit your work and then continue ;

where I left off, you can extend your life by keeping your grandmother or grandmother in tupperwar-style containers.

You will have great comfort.

You have finished your work and it will have to harden to come to the object form.

We do this in the oven we know. We put it in the oven and bake at 130 ° C for 15 minutes.

You determine the waiting time according to the size of your work.

To get better results, there are also by-products of Supersculpey brand. You can prevent them from shining and cracking by applying these products.

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As you can see, my work is a very amateur, skillful and time-consuming task.Continue without giving up…


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