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2020 Trend paints

2020 interior design color trends 16

12020 Trend paints ideas

A n this article, I will talk about some series of jotun paint to add new identities to the interior walls of your living spaces.

So why is ”jotun” paint? Because it is the mercedes of the paint :) Even though the price policy is high compared to other brands, you can paint the surface ready to be painted even with a single coat due to the use of high pigment, even if you have to apply at least 3 coats with low pigment paint brands and consider the possibility of paint vomiting. It is important not to ignore the quality of the jot. It should be noted that the quality ratio of the materials used will affect your designs.

Let’s come to the predicted color samples;

8546 Local Green brings nature and green life into your home by removing the boundaries of your walls. Color that reflects a sustainable future and environmental awareness will make you feel inside the nature.

tren color4 1

8546 Local Green creates a striking look when the plum tones in the collection are used with 20142 Daydream and 20145 Wisdom.

You can also get a harmonious look using harmonious colors with blue-greens like the 5490 Serene Blue or 5489 Free Spirit.

11173 HUMBLE YELLOW color of those who care about listening to learn different thoughts, emotions and cultures. With its soft and sophisticated tone, it makes other colors and textures stand out in the environment, while the effect of color is felt throughout the place. Just like the respectful and strong influence of humility …

tren color5 1

Harmonious shades; It suits well with whites with yellowness such as 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg Whitel, 1453 Bomull and 1024 Timeless. You can also use it with our 1108 Lotus and 11184 Curious Mind colors.

If you want to combine with grays, you can choose our 1352 Form, 1462 Evening Sky or 1434 Elegant colors.

For a more natural and fresh look, you can combine it with greens such as 8546 Local Green, 8422 Green Marble, 8494 Organic Green, 8252 Green Harmony or 8469 Green Leaf.

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